Monday, February 8, 2016

Just Because She Is A Woman....

Another fuzzy New Hampshire map picture!

I figured it would be a good time to hold forth on the results of the New Hampshire primary because, after all, they haven't happened yet and once they do, there will be so much noise no one will listen anyhow. So, here is what I think of the results:

There can only be one winner in each party, and that will be the candidate who has the most votes. Marco Rubio's Iowa fantasy reaction, where he emerged starry-eyed and full of himself even as Ted Cruz was bloviating on another channel, well, that's not going to work this time.

Face it, the man can't take the heat of a television debate. What does that tell you? I don't know. It tells me he is good a memorizing lines but not much of a man on his feet, you know? I didn't like him anyhow, which was unfair I realize, and now I have a reason to not like him. How many other people will think that?

Donald Trump will not be slowed down by whatever reality emerges from the voting results. He has tricked us all quite effectively by making up his own set of rules (and some of his very own language) as the campaign moved along.

Of course, he is a fraud. But we have embraced frauds many times before. Sometimes, as with Bill Clinton, it worked out quite well. Turned out his snaky way of dealing with reality and truth was just what Washington, D.C. needed, no surprise because the place was plopped down on a swamp. These characters all slither in the same muddy patch of goo.

So we will hear lots more from Trump.

Chris Christie should just pack it up and go the hell home to New Jersey. I have no idea what he represents. He does a good town hall, which isn't surprising given the way governors govern, but I don't see him anywhere near the button, first, or social policy, second. That bridge thing, trapping all those people out there, has faded, but I still believe he knew and enjoyed it. He may well be that most clearly identifiable New Jersey character, a scumbag. But that should not even matter. He should just get his avoir-du-pois back home and stay there until his term ends, then pack it in.

New Hampshire is not known for its evangelical fervor, so I doubt Ted Cruz will find many blind followers in that particular patch of granite.  He doesn't deserve any anyhow. Jesus Christ would not ever behave this way, in the first place. Show me a guy or a gal who is genuinely Christ-like, and that's where my vote lands.

He's not actually evil enough to be the devil, or handsome enough for that matter. I hope he ends up in a fetal crouch by a highway someplace, puzzled over by troopers who wonder whether he is speaking in tongues, or just nuts. (I know, that's a mean spirited reference. But I don't like him, too!)

John Kasich. Well, I could vote for him on a nice day. Fortunately for me I am not a Republican and will not consider voting Republican or doing anything viewed as even vaguely Republican. But he seems to be a genuinely nice and thoughtful man. When he changes parties (inevitable given the flow of Republican events) I will be clapping for him.

Carly Fiorina? I know she is smart and I have at least one trusted friend who believes she is a great person. That either means I should have even fewer trusted friends, or warm to her. I can't warm to her. She's trying to buy it in a year in which money (see Jeb Bush) is finally not everything! Go away!

Jeb Bush? You have to be kidding me. Whenever a candidate drags out his dad and mom, and even his scandalously misinformed ex-president brother, you have to wonder who is driving the man's car. If he had any sense he would stand up and say, "Well, the rest of them never amounted to much, even as presidents and how much more of an advantage can you have than that. So I am breaking with them. I'm the Catholic Bush, the one who loves immigrants and America. Give me a vote." But I would not ask people to clap.

Let see, who have I missed. Oh, Ben Carson. If only he had stayed in the world of brain surgery he would not be having these problems. A friend showed me a picture of a painting of him with Jesus's hands on his shoulders. That's all I need. "Calling Dr. Carson, you are needed in reality! STAT"

Over on the other side, the thought is emerging, thanks to Gloria Steinham and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, that Hillary should get our votes because it's time for a girl in the White House. Would they have made the same argument for Sarah Palin? I bet not. I'm not buying it for Hillary, either.

I might well vote for her in November if she is the candidate of the Democrats, because I am, after all, a Democrat. But it's not just because she is a woman.  It won't be a happy vote and if she is elected, I will have an array of worries about what the hell that family is doing with its time. Even Chelsea is rich now, an interesting status for her.

It's not exactly like the Beverly Hillbillies because they have taken on lots of class, are very intelligent and pretty good looking, too. But I keep thinking about that old early story about Bill, that he had a thing with a "Little Rock Cabaret singer." That is so double-wide it still makes me shudder.

What's left, then, is Bernie Sanders.

Yes, he is old. Yes, he does have muppet hair. Yes, he does wear ill-fitting suits. Yes, he does get all uppity and loud about Wall Street Billionaires.

Here's how I see this. I am 66 years old and I have spent my life voting quite faithfully for Democratic candidates. I was really proud of President Obama (wrote a book about it, too!) and have wished him nothing but the best since day one.

But this system is so fucked up it needs a shock to its heart to bring it back to its senses.

No, actually, back to our senses.

Remember, the United States of America belongs to me, you and everyone else. Time to send a message.

Vote for Bernie!


  1. The most sensical overview of the election I've read, as close to the one I've been writing in my head as could be.

  2. Jesus and Ben Carson

  3. "He may well be that most clearly identifiable New Jersey character, a scumbag" Hear hear. Get Bernt!